The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) will identify you to the Spanish Tax Authorities and is essential in Spain if you are planning to purchase a property, a car, open a bank account, work or carry out most types of official transactions.

Applications should be made in person to the local Foreign Office in Almeria with the required paperwork;

  • Completed application form (original plus a copy)
    Original passport and copy
  • Completed and paid tax form
  • Evidence of why you need an NIE – e.g. Property Purchase Contract.
  • Authorisation document if the Certificate is to collected by a representative

At present, in Almeria, no appointment is needed to submit your application (though it is best to get there as early as possible to avoid queuing) and following the submission, the NIE certificate will be available for collection 2/3 days later. Collection can be arranged via an authorised representative.

An NIE number is valid for “life”.

Please contact ALO Services for further information.